Supporters from Nancy's 2013-2014 nomination and election campaign:
"Nancy is a great combination of a true, thoughtful progressive with a keen and courageous legal mind. She not only understands how public policy and government work, but she knows how it can work better -- for the good of us all. Be it jobs, the environment or fighting for our right to a good education and life long health care, I know on both a professional and personal level, that Nancy cares deeply about the right kind of issues and knows they are not mutually exclusive but must work hand in hand. I look forward to supporting Nancy as she continues to champion the issues that matter both as political advocate on the public stage but also as a friend who has shown herself to be generous with her time and ideas – passionate about the public good."  

Cortney Pasternak, 2011 Provincial Liberal candidate, Parkdale-High Park
“Nancy Leblanc is both a great listener and advocate, fighting for continued economic opportunity and an improved environment for working families of all types. We need Nancy as our articulate, open-minded and idealistic champion for our community and across Ontario!”  

David Fleet, Former MPP, Parkdale-High Park

“Nancy Leblanc is a talented and independent thinker, entering politics for the right reasons - to advocate for issues and policy solutions on their merit, and their impact in the community. An exceptional Policy Chair in my recent Federal Liberal Leadership candidacy, Nancy was instrumental in developing a policy platform that proved key to the strong support I received, right across the country. By nominating and electing Nancy, Ontario and Parkdale-HighPark will add a progressive, intelligent, honest and hard-working MPP to the Liberal team.”  

Joyce Murray, Member of Parliament, Vancouver Quadra   

"Nancy possesses the most important attributes of the best we can hope for in our elected representatives: an impressive understanding of a wide range of policy issues, integrity, humility and a desire to truly represent her constituents."  

Benjamin Trister, Lawyer, Founder of Canadians for Justice, Chair, Parkdale Community Food Bank   

"Nancy Leblanc is my kind of Liberal candidate - community involved, her forthright political blog always nails it and she never fails to become wholeheartedly involved in Liberal Party functions bringing to them a fresh perspective and her forward thinking approach. She does all of this with great success and a sense of joy and caring that is a pleasure to behold."  

Gwynne Robb, Director, Parkdale-High Park Liberal EDA, South Parkdale Team   

"I met Nancy Leblanc when she assisted area residents in their opposition to the 34 Southport Avenue redevelopment proposal. She quickly came to understand the problems facing residents in dealing with major developments in established residential areas. She provided important assistance to the residents in dealing with City Council. She understands that changes are necessary to the planning process if residents are to, once again, have a voice in decisions that affect them. Nancy will be an effective representative for the residents of Parkdale-HighPark."  

Robert Truman, Parkdale-High Park resident and Urban Planner 

"Nancy is one of the most genuine participants in a country's political process that I have ever known. She combines those all too rare aspects of integrity, authenticity, and personal charm with a deep sense of social justice and a deep desire to impact on her community and country, not out of personal ambition, but to create a better place of dignity and justice for all. I am honoured to be her friend and supporter."  

Professor Errol Mendes, University of Ottawa   

"I am thrilled that Nancy is entering public life. Nancy understands the importance of a strong economy and social justice. She is a thoughtful advocate of public policy that Liberals will find exciting and reassuring. Nancy wears her Liberalism on her sleeve, generous with her time, her energy, and her passion. When it was my great honour to run for National Policy Chair she worked hard for many weeks to help refine our message and take it to delegates. I am confident that with that same focus and passion, Liberals first, and voters next, will embrace her candidacy."  

Paul Summerville, Economist