Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Summer 2016 update

Hello and welcome visitors!

In the interest of providing an update, I thought I would quickly highlight two brief commentaries I wrote in the last few months: 
  • here is a post I wrote on the Ontario government's Sexual Violence and Harassment Action Plan in the context of the Ghomeshi verdict;
  • and here is a post I wrote on how we have approached fundraising in a grassroots and accessible manner in Parkdale-High Park over the past two years. 
I wrote a political blog for years on many issues of the day (over 8,000 posts and over 1 million visits!) and it can be found here.

My political interests and activities have evolved over the years, however. Since committing to run as a candidate in 2013 and running as a provincial Liberal candidate in my home riding of Parkdale-High Park in 2014, I have become more engaged in the community and on the ground commitments. That work continues.

I regularly update my Facebook personal page and also keep up with my Facebook political page. My Instagram page is @iamnleblanc. Feel free to check those pages or my Twitter site on an ongoing basis as well.

Thank you for visiting!