Sunday, November 15, 2015

Solidarity with Paris

The CN Tower viewed from Union Station.

On Friday night, I returned to Toronto around 9:30 p.m. from Ottawa after attending an MP swearing-in. The CN Tower was lit in red, white and blue in solidarity with Paris and the French people after the tragic terrorist attacks on Friday night.

What a day for all of these new MPs to be sworn in. While on Parliament Hill, I poked my head into many different rooms to see various new MPs preparing to take their oaths with families and supporters in attendance, in addition to the ceremony I was attending. The security was tight with police guarding all Hill door entries. A preliminary bag check occurred at a table outside the entry to the building. A further detailed security check occurred inside that is comparable to an airline check. I was happy to do it and my mind turned back to it a few times as I read about the developing situation in Paris while on the VIA train that was zipping back to Toronto. 

This newly formed federal government is thrust into grappling with yet another international terror attack confronting one of our closest allies. And these new MPs will never forget their swearing-in date of Friday, November 13th, that's for sure.