Tuesday, November 3, 2015

No jet expansion at Toronto island airport

Picture taken October 7, 2015 along the western waterfront on the Sunnyside Boardwalk

Updated (Nov. 15th, below):
As the Trudeau government prepares to be sworn in on the 4th, there are bits and pieces of substantive news breaking about the new government's priorities that are creating a sense of the shift in direction that we will happily be experiencing.

One such item that will be of interest to many Parkdale-High Park residents is the confirmation reported tonight in the Toronto Star that indeed, the new federal government will not support the expansion of Billy Bishop airport to enable jets to fly in and out. Given that the federal government is one of the key parties to the governing agreement over the airport, this effectively means that the issue is resolved against the wishes of the private owner of the airport and in favour of Toronto residents who largely did not support this expansion. In south Parkdale in particular, the issue saw much opposition from residents and many will be happy to hear this news.

See also: Liberals stand by vow to block jets at Billy Bishop (CBC)

Update (Nov. 15th):  On the evening of Thursday, November 12th, Marc Garneau posted the following tweets on Twitter in respect of expansion at Billy Bishop airport, confirming that the federal government will not support the proposed expansion:

Some uncertainty had been created on Thursday when Garneau had appeared to leave the door open to expansion upon media inquiry. His clarifications on Thursday evening effectively put an end to the issue. My view was always to support the public interest on the waterfront and oppose the expansion which had been driven by an airline's private financial interests and had the potential to burden so many public uses of the waterfront. I am glad that the new Canadian government has listened to the residents of Toronto and gotten the balance right.