Wednesday, October 28, 2015

At the Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust AGM

Earlier tonight the inaugural Annual General Meeting was held for the Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust. The main purpose of tonight's AGM was to give a brief introduction to the land trust, to give an overview of and pass the by-laws, and to elect the first round of community members to become directors on the board (pictured below).

Notably, the land trust has received a substantial provincial Ontario Trillium grant as it commences its work in Parkdale. The project is well supported in the community, with over 185 members joining in the past six weeks or so.

It's also interesting that the Parkdale effort has affiliated with an American land trust network in the absence of any comparable group in Canada. This is clearly a unique and consultative project that reflects a desire in the community to be proactive and counter the gentrification trend that is squeezing many residents.